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How to learn Starling Framework

How to learn Starling framework

Gamedev Tuts just posted an article I wrote about Starling framework. In this article, I have pointed to many different concepts and useful resources one should be going through. Right from eBooks, to video and text tutorials, this article can be a one point treasure for budding game developers. I have also mentioned a few tips based on my experience developing games using Starling framework. Do not forget to suggest and comment. I hope you will find these resources and text useful.

You can find the article here.

And, all my readers, I am working on a video on Optimization for Starling based games. :)

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Flash Pro CC – Ep 2: Legacy File Conversion

Flash Pro CC - Legacy File Conversion

The second video of the “What’s new in Adobe Flash Pro CC” series is out. This time, I talk about how Flash Pro CC continues to support the legacy files that were created in previous versions of the tool. I also mention some of the features of Flash Professional that are deprecated and instead, what alternatives are they converted into. Do watch the same here – Flash Pro CC – Ep 2: Legacy File Conversion.

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What’s new in Flash Pro CC – Performance

Flash Pro CC - Performance

I have posted a video on – “Performance improvements in Adobe Flash Pro CC“. A key improvement available with Flash Professional CC is the huge boost to Performance. From simplifying complex workflows to fixing critical bugs, Flash Pro has been put through several important changes.

These changes bring in dramatic improvements to performance across all supported platforms.

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Starting with Starling Ep 9 and 10

Starting with Starling - Episode 9

I finished posting two more episodes of Starting with Starling series. Please check it out!

In the 9th episode, add food items to the in-game screen randomly and animate them. Using similar techniques used for obstacles, detect collision between the items and hero.

In the 10th episode, learn how text rendering works in Starling Framework. Understand the two types of fonts you can use to display text in your games.

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Starting with Starling, Ep 6 & 7

Episode 6 of the Starling series was uploaded a while back. Today, I completed Episode 7. I have been working on optimizing the game itself for its release on devices. In the process, also trying to minimize the number of episodes in this tutorial series. My objective is to have the videos focused on how Starling is helpful in development and not to concentrate on the actual game development technique. I am trying to come up with an intermediate solution that can touch both topics. I hope to post around 5 more episodes in this series.

In the 6th episode: Write the base code needed to control the game state and hero’s speed. Define idle state, add “Start” button and also make the hero fly in from the left side of the screen. Once the hero is inside the screen, change the game state to the flying state.

In the 7th episode: Create the Obstacle class. Also define the watchout sign animation, obstacle art and crash art.

Finally animate the obstacles from the right side at random vertical points and remove them once they go out of the screen on the left.

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