Starling Framework 1.1 Released

Starling Framework 1.1

Gamua released a much awaited version – Starling Framework 1.1 a couple of days ago! Clearly, a lot of improvements have gone into it. Here are some of the areas of improvement -

  • I would say, first and foremost is the performance boost for the iPad 1.
  • Introduction of Blend Modes for images for wonderful effects.
  • A very handy component built-in to show statistics – frame rate, memory, etc.
  • The most seriously useful feature – Multi-resolution development with support for multi-resolution textures.

I hope to cover some of these in my upcoming episodes of Starting with Starling. So, don’t wait more… Start with the new Starling 1.1!

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Starting with Starling Episode 5 is Live

Just finished uploading the 5th episode of the series “Starting with Starling“. In this episode, understand the concept of Parallax Scrolling and create a nice parallax background effect for the in-game screen. Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions. Keep them coming. I will cover the creation of obstacles and their animation in the coming episodes.

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Starting with Starling: Ep 3 and 4

Episodes 3 and 4 of Starting with Starling series are now online. In the 3rd episode, you will understand how the artwork and animation for Hungry Hero game were built. We will also explore how they are exported to PNG files. Later, publish them into a sprite sheet using Texture Packer. The last step will be to load the sprite sheet and play the hero animation in the AS3 project.

In the 4th episode, welcome screen’s assets are picked from the Sprite Sheet, instead of individual .png files. You will learn to extend and create a custom event class for navigation between welcome and in-game screens.

I will start showing the parallax scrolling of in-game background based on a variable speed of hero, in the next episode, coming very soon…

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Starting with Starling: Ep 2 and the Thoughts Behind

Starting with Starling - Ep 2: Welcome ScreenThis time, I spent about a week thinking and developing a new game that I could use for this new tutorial series “Starting with Starling”. So, I ended up with Hungry Hero. It was a quick 2 days of coding, but took a little bit more than 2 days for creating graphics, assets, sounds, etc.

I drew the character/elements on paper, then converted them to vector drawings in Adobe Illustrator. Finally animating the hero character in Flash Pro, I created the sprite sheet. It was a fun experience building all of these in the crunch time.

I also thought of what else I could present as part of this series. I am glad a lot of you have provided feedback through the comments/mails on how you like the idea of a complete workflow being covered. I have plans around this to make sure I help you guys with better understanding of the “process”, rather than just a piece of it. Stay tuned!

With that in mind, I released the 2nd episode: Welcome Screen of this video series yesterday. Do have a look at it and let me know what you think. Do re-tweet and share!

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Hungry Hero: A new Starling Game

Hungry HeroI just finished creating and publishing my new game “Hungry Hero“. I used Starling Framework to build this game. With so many elements on screen and particle effects, without optimizing, it is quite easy to achieve 60 fps on the web. Do play and enjoy. If you would like to get future updates about the game and its availability on devices, do sign up on the site. I will drop you a mail and notify once it is ready.

I built this game as part of the tutorial series “Starting with Starling“. In fact, this is the game I plan to build in the tutorial. The next episode of this series should be online in a couple of days.  To get updates on my tutorials, you can subscribe and get notified.

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