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Flash Pro CC – Ep 2: Legacy File Conversion

Understand how Flash Pro CC continues to support XFL file format, both as a compressed .fla and the uncompressed .xfl file types.

Flash Pro CC – Ep 1: Performance

In this video, discover the different areas of improvement in Adobe Flash Professional CC.

Flash Builder 4.7 - USB Debugging on iOS

This video showcases and walks through one of the coolest and most useful features of Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 - USB Debugging on iOS devices.

Starting with Starling, Ep 11: Particles

Learn to build particles in Starling Framework using Particle Extension as well as manual method.

Starting with Starling, Ep 10: Text and Fonts

Learn how text rendering works in Starling Framework. Understand the two types of fonts you can use to display text in your games.

Sprite Sheets in Flash Professional CS6

Learn how you can use Adobe Flash Professional CS6 to create quick Sprite Sheets by directly converting your MovieClips from the Library.

Starting with Starling, Ep 9: Items

Add food items to the in-game screen randomly and animate them. Using similar techniques used for obstacles, detect collision between the items and hero.

Starting with Starling, Ep 8: Collision Detection

Animate the hero based on mouse/finger position. Learn about ways of detecting collisions in games and write the detecting logic for this game.

Starting with Starling, Ep 7: Obstacles

Create the obstacles, their artwork and watch out sign. Animate them randomly in the in-game screen.

Starting with Starling, Ep 6: Hero Flies In

Write the base code needed to control the game state and hero's speed. Define idle state, add "Start" button, make the hero fly in.

Starting with Starling, Ep 5: Parallax Background

In this episode, understand the concept of Parallax Scrolling and create a nice parallax background effect for the in-game screen.

Starting with Starling, Ep 4: Navigation

Write custom event based on Starling event and code the navigation between welcome screen and in-game screen.

Starting with Starling, Ep 3: Sprite Sheets

Learn how the artwork and animation for Hungry Hero game were built and how the sprite sheet is created using Texture Packer. Later, run the animation in the project.

Starting with Starling, Ep 2: Welcome Screen

Exploring Image, Texture and Button classes, this episode provides an insight to build the welcome screen of this game as you see it on www.hungryherogame.com.

Starting with Starling, Ep 1: Introduction & Setup

Learn to build games for web and devices using Starling framework. Take advantage of Adobe Flash Player's Stage3D feature and hardware-accelerate your 2D games.

Balloon Shooter game in FlashPunk, Ep 4: Adding scores and sounds

In this episode, we will add a background image, track and display scores add background music and sound effects.

Balloon Shooter game in FlashPunk, Ep 3: More interactivity

Add a new type of balloon, check for collision with bullets and show pop graphic when the balloon is popped.

Balloon Shooter game in FlashPunk, Ep 2: Creating game objects

In this episode, we will create game objects - Hero, Bullets and Balloons. We will animate Hero, shoot bullets, generate random balloons and animate them.

Balloon Shooter game in FlashPunk, Ep 1: Setting up

Learn to build a nice little game called Balloon Shooter in Flash ActionScript 3 using a gaming library FlashPunk.
Text Tutorial Adobe AIR BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK

10 Easy Steps to Package and Sign AIR Apps for PlayBook

Learn how to easily package your Flash apps for BlackBerry PlayBook and sign them to get them ready to publish on the market place.

Creating a Virtual Joystick for Touch Devices

Discover how you can create a virtual joystick for your games on touch enabled devices..
Text Tutorial Adobe Flash Professional Adobe Flash Builder Adobe AIR

Multiscreen Game/App Template: Part 2

Understand the code behind developing multi-screen applications and games in Flash Professional and Flash Builder.

Multiscreen Game/App Template: Part 1

Understand the concepts of designing and developing multi-screen applications and games for Flash Platform. This part will describe the process of setting up the resource files provided.

Flash Catalyst – Skin a custom DataList

Skin a vertical Data List Spark component in Flash Catalyst for your Flex 4 applications.
Text Tutorial Adobe Flash Player

Video Formats and Video Volume in Flash Lite 3.x.

Understand the “Native” and “Device” video formats and the streaming technique of native videos in Flash Lite 3.x

Flash Lite 2.1 Menu Template

Learn to create a simple Flash Lite menu for Mobile devices.

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