Episode 01: Setting up

Balloon Shooter in Flash Punk


In this episode, learn how FlashPunk works and understand the concept of Bitmap Blitting. We shall also setup a new ActionScript project in Adobe Flash Builder 4.x and initialize the FlashPunk engine. Finally, we will create a new screen or world called Game World and set that as the initial world for our game.


This tutorial series is targeted towards developers with intermediate knowledge of Flash ActionScript 3.

You will require to install: –

  • Adobe Flash Builder 4.x or an ActionScript IDE
  • Download the FlashPunk game library from http://www.flashpunk.net
  • Download the assets needed to follow this tutorial and build the game.

Tutorial files

The tutorial file contains all the audio (.mp3) and graphic (.jpg and .png) assets required to start building this game.

   Download project files