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Balloon Shooter game in FlashPunk – Episode 3: More interactivity

Technologies/Areas focused: Adobe Flash Builder Adobe Flash Player Adobe AIR
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Learn to build a nice little game called "Balloon Shooter" in Flash ActionScript 3 using a gaming library "FlashPunk".

In this episode, we will add a new type of balloon called "Bomb" balloon and randomize the creation of the balloons. We will define the "type" property for our entities and detect collision between bullets and balloons. Finally, we will pop the balloons out by showing proper graphic once collided with the bullet.


This tutorial series is targeted towards developers with basic programming and OOP knowledge. If you have been a developer building applications and want to get into game development, this is the right tutorial for you. If you have been developing games for other platforms, this tutorial should help you get started with building Flash games.

It would help to have gone through the 1st episode and 2nd episode of this tutorial.

Tutorial Files

Download Tutorial Files

The tutorial file contains the archive that can be imported in Adobe Flash Builder as an ActionScript project. This project has the steps in this episode completed.